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Henan BEBON international co.,ltd , located in zhengzhou ,henan province of china, is specialized in exporting
steel product. Based on the domestic rich product resources and professional research on international market,
BEBON'service has already spread many countries in Europe , America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South
America, Africa, and so on.
We have three big warehouses -- Zhengzhou, which mainly store profile steel, the quantity of ex-stock is about
4000tons,shanghai and Tianjin,which mainly store steel plates ,the quantity is about 6500tons. Besides, the
product material quality in stocks is complete, the reserve is big, and delivery can be immediate.
We have built the long-term strategy cooperation with several chinese steel mills,like Shou steel(in beijing
and qinhuangdao) ,Bao steel (in shanghai),Wuyang steel (in henan),Han steel(in handan),so we can carry
on the production completely defer to the customers' request.
Our service is the "one-stop" work style. We have our processing factory and the pre-treatment factory, can
make the customers enjoy cutting,welding,drilling holes,ball blasting, derusting, painting,galvanizing by the
lowest cost price.
Good quality and fast delivery time is the base of our work, this is not enough. Our every sales are trying
their best to solve every problem from both you and your end user.we are making every client feel our
company is their home in china.