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Reasons for choosing weather resistant steel plate

Weather resistant steel plate, is a kind of steel plate with high strength and low carbon structural. Weather resistant steel plate is widely used in boiler economizers, heat exchangers, automobiles, highways, bridges and other high-sulfur industries. It has the function of maintaining rust layers and resisting atmospheric corrosion. With good main properties in gardens and landscapes, weather resistant steel plate is better than ordinary steel plate!

The application of weathering steel plate can not only reduce the maintenance cost of steel frame structure, but also deal with the fire safety and anti-corrosion problems of exposed steel frame structure without safety protection. Weather resistant steel plate is very suitable for high-voltage tower, bridge construction and floor slab applications. It is different from ordinary steel plate, the surface layer is harder.

The color tone of weather resistant steel plate is also different from ordinary steel plates, which are rusty and red, and its performance at all levels is better, especially in terms of corrosion resistance and wear resistance.