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Grade 15CrMoR low-alloy heat-strength steel for boilers

Grade 15CrMoR is a low-alloy heat-strength steel, which is a medium-temperature boiler steel plate. "15" is a carbon content of 0.15%. "Cr" is a composition that contains a certain chemical element-chromium. "Mo" means that the composition contains a certain chemical element-molybdenum. "R" is a the first letter of “Rongqi” in Chinese spelling.
15CrMoR Equivalent: SA387Gr12
Heat treatment often uses: normalizing plus back; flaw detection: above level II. Below 550°C it has a higher durability.
Features of 15CrMoR steel
1. Steel purity: high purity molten steel with P0.010%, S0.005%, [N]70ppm, [O]15ppm, [H]2ppm, and 20ppm total inclusions in the steel.
2. Good toughness and weldability.
3. Heat treatment technology: normalizing, quenching, tempering, tempering and other heat treatment processing.
4. Significantly improve the plasticity and impact toughness of steel, and improve the anisotropy of steel.
15CrMoR/ SA387Gr12 material is often used in the manufacture of petrochemical container equipment such as: boilers, pressure vessels, washing tower, shift furnace, coke tower, desulfurization tank, reformed gas waste heat boiler, methanation furnace, reactor, regenerator, hydrogenation reactor, methanation heating Generators, reforming gas steam generators.