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Use and performance of S420NL-Z35 steel plate

1. Use of S420NL-Z35 steel plate:
The performance of the steel plate decides its application. The S420NL-Z35 steel plate has high strength and excellent welding performance, and is often used in the manufacture of mining machinery, engineering machinery, coal mine hydraulic supports and other equipment and structural parts.

2. Analysis of mechanical properties of S420NL-Z35 steel plate:
Yield strength≥235 Mpa, tensile strength 360-510 Mpa, elongation≥26%.

3. Heat treatment process of S420NL-Z35 steel plate: quenching + tempering.

4. The chemical composition of S420NL-Z35 steel plate:
C: ≤0.2, Si: ≤0.6, Mn: 1-1.7, P: ≤0.025, S: ≤0.02