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What is the 20# steel?

  20# steel is a high-quality low-carbon carbon steel, cold-extruded, carburized and hardened steel. 20# carbon steel has low strength, good toughness, plasticity and weldability. The tensile strength is 253-500MPa, and the elongation is ≥24%. 20# characteristics are basically similar to 15 steel, but the strength is slightly higher.

  What are the properties of 20# steel?

       20# steel is suitable for the manufacture of less important small and medium-sized carburizing carbonitriding parts such as hand brake shoes, lever shafts, gearbox speed forks and transmission passive gears in automobiles, tractors and general machinery manufacturing. And the upper camshaft of the tractor, the suspension equalizer shaft, the inner and outer bushings of the equalizer, etc .; 20# steel is used to manufacture various mechanical parts with low toughness and high toughness in hot rolled or normalized state; in heavy and medium-sized machinery manufacturing In the industry, such as forged or pressed tie rods, shackles, levers, sleeves, clamps, etc. In the steam turbine and boiler manufacturing industry. 20# steel is mostly used for pipes, flanges, headers and various fasteners working in non-corrosive media with a pressure ≤6N / square and a temperature ≤450 ℃; used to make crosses on railways and rolling stock Head, piston and other castings. Normalizing can promote the spheroidization of the steel, refine the large lump pro-eutectoid ferrite, and improve the cutting performance of the blank less than 160HBS.