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StE460 fine-grained steel

StE460 grade executive standard: DIN17102. StE460 steel is a German grade steel plate. It is a fine-grained steel, used for automotive longitudinal beams, beams and other structural parts that require good cold formability and high strength requirements.

Chemical composition for StE460 fine-grained steel(%)

C: ≤0.20, Si: ≤0.60, Mn: 1.00-1.70, P: ≤0.030, S: ≤0.025, N: ≤0.025, Al: ≥0.020, Cr: ≤0.30, Cu: ≤0.70, Mo: ≤0.10, Ni: ≤0.80, Nb: ≤0.05, Ti: ≤0.03, V: ≤0.20

StE460 steel plate available size and dimension

Thickness range: 8-150mm

Wide range: 1500-4000mm

Length range: 4000-17000mm

StE460 steel plate smelting method

Converter/electric furnace steelmaking→ LF furnace refining→ VD furnace vacuum degassing→continuous casting/molding/ electroslag→ cleaning and heating→ rolling→flaw detection→heat treatment→steel plate finishing→sampling→performance inspection