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A36 carbon steel construction steel market prices

Today Zhengzhou construction steel market prices continue to decline. Now 16-25mm Anyang Steel seismic thread price is 5420 yuan/ton, Jingang seismic thread price is 5410 yuan/ton. 8-10mm BBN STEEL A36 carbon steel price is 5630 yuan/ton, higher One trading day fell 80 yuan/ton.

Specifically, the future snails were weak and fluctuated. In the morning, the price of construction steel in Zhengzhou continued to fall, and the decline has narrowed. From the perspective of transactions, speculative demand in the market is not strong, downstream on-demand purchases, and overall transactions are weak. In terms of steel mills, the profit of construction steel production has been significantly reduced recently, but the current output is still at a high level. In terms of inventory, steel mill inventories increased slightly, and the rate of market inventory depletion slowed down. To sum up, the current business attitudes are still relatively cautious, and the market is dominated by active shipments. It is expected