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Xinjiang Steel Enterprise Work Safety Month Activities are in progress

June this year is the 20th National "Safety Production Month" with the theme "Implementing Safety Responsibilities and Promoting Safe Development". Since June, Xinjiang iron and steel enterprises have carried out various activities closely around the theme of the safety production month, which has played a positive role in standardizing and refining the enterprise safety system, ensuring the safety and health of employees, and realizing the continued stability and improvement of the safety production situation. , To create a good safety environment to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party.

BBN Steel makes arrangements for the "Safety Production Month" event

On June 1st, BBN Steel held the launching ceremony of "Safety Production Month". Based on actual production, focusing on the theme, five tasks were arranged and deployed.
The first is to carry out in-depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on production safety. Focusing on the study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on production safety, we will carry out targeted interpretation and propaganda in an all-round, multi-angle, and three-dimensional manner, and promote the deepening of the study and implementation.
The second is to strictly implement the "three special actions." First, in accordance with the requirements of "one standard, three enhancements" and "two stricts, one enhancement", comprehensive, detailed and in-depth investigations of key safety risk management and control of related projects were carried out, and special 100-day actions for equipment maintenance and construction safety were promoted. The second is to carry out a special assessment of the safety management system capabilities of suppliers in accordance with the requirements of "three immediates and two accelerations", set up a special working group for collaborative management reform, and promote a special 100-day action for collaborative management reform. The third is to carry out re-examination and re-learning activities of job regulations (work instructions), implement "one post with two responsibilities", use modern technology to improve the efficiency of observation of standardized operation behavior, and in-depth advance special work of standardized operations.
The third is full participation and the implementation of "two anti-violations". Promote "anti-violation command, anti-violation operations", sort out habitual violations and high-risk groups, and formulate targeted control measures. Various forms of learning and warning education activities for relevant personnel have been carried out.
Fourth is to implement the "Four Don't Let Go" requirements, and carry out warnings and terminal verifications of recent typical accident cases. Carry out on-site warning education activities based on typical production safety accidents that have occurred in the same industry, type, and post in recent years. In a targeted manner, front-line employees are organized to carry out in-depth "references", so as to achieve the purpose of strictly implementing job safety responsibilities and preventing accidents caused by abnormal behavior of employees.
The fifth is to carry out various knowledge competitions, practical training of soldiers, and emergency drills to consolidate the safety capabilities of grassroots employees and create a safe atmosphere for all employees.