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The price of construction steel in Henan market

According to market feedback, on May 19th, the price of construction steel in Henan market continued to fall. Now 16-25mm BBN seismic thread price is 5770 yuan/ton, Jingang seismic thread price is 5750 yuan/ton, and 8-10mm  seismic coils are quoted at 5790 yuan/ton.

On May 19, the trend of snails continued to decline weakly, and the merchants were cautious and pessimistic, and they all focused on transactions. It is understood that the current overall market transaction performance is not good, the market merchants' quotations are relatively chaotic, and the low-price transactions are mostly, some traders are speeding up shipments, there is a phenomenon of low-price dumping, and the trading atmosphere is poor. Resource situation, the steel mills in Henan Province are currently in normal production, but this week the direct supply of steel mills has decreased significantly, and the overall inventory has increased slightly.

On the whole, it is expected that the price of Henan construction steel market may weaken today.